How to Invite General Contractors to Bid on a Building Restoration Project

Finding the right general contractor for your building restoration project includes an involved bidding process that takes time and experience to complete. As the client, you must prepare a tender package outlining the details of the project to share with contractors. This is not an easy task and requires knowledge of the construction and restoration process. Here we review how to invite general contractors to bid on your building restoration project and the different parties involved.

Preparing the Tender Package for Building Restoration

Because the tender package must outline the full scope of the project, an engineer consulting company prepares it for you. This package includes specifications with the scope of work, drawings, and the tender form. Your consultants will assess your site to understand the project requirements. This ensures the contractors invited to bid can fairly set their prices based on the exact same details.

Inviting Contractors to Bid on a Restoration Project

In most cases, your engineer consultants will provide a list of bidders they invite to the tender process. This makes the process easier for you, as the engineers have a list of trusted contractors with the experience required to complete your restoration project. You can also recommend contractors you wish to invite to the bidding process. However, these contractors must complete a CCDC11, a special prequalification form that provides information confirming the contractor is capable of completing the work required.

The CCDC11 Qualification Statement

The completion of the CCDC11 Contractor’s Qualification Statement protects your interests. The information includes basic information about the company, as well as details about their financial status to ensure they have the resources to perform the work involved. It also looks at past projects, experience in comparable projects, and the projects they have underway. This might seem unnecessary if you have used the contractor in the past. However, your consultants will assess the statement to make sure the contractor is qualified and capable of completing the scope of work required for this particular project.

Pre-Tender Meeting

Generally speaking, three to five companies are invited to bid on a building restoration project. Once the tender package is sent out, your consultant invites the contractors to a meeting on site. The engineer consultants review the project, explain the scope of work and answer questions. Attendance is mandatory for all contractors. If a bidding contractor does not attend the pre-tender meeting, they could be disqualified from the bidding process. In most cases, consultants lose confidence in contractors who fail to attend the meeting, because they won’t understand the full scope of work. As a result, their bid is more likely to come in much lower than other bids. This creates a disadvantage for the other contractors whose bids come in accurately.


A due date when all bidders must submit their bids is set by you and your consultant. It is not uncommon for a bid to be disqualified even if it is just a minute late from the due date. Once the bids for restoration projects are received, they are reviewed by your consultant. They will then make a recommendation on the most suitable bid for the building restoration project.

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