How to Choose a Reputable Contractor for Restoring an Apartment Building Exterior

Once your apartment building’s exterior begins to lose its aesthetic appeal, it can be difficult to attract tenants. As well, it can also contribute to energy inefficiencies if the deterioration impacts the building’s envelope. Although exterior apartment building restoration is a major investment, it increases profits and reduces operating costs. As a result, your contractor must understand how to both improve your building’s appearance and maintain the integrity of your building envelope. Here we offer advice on how you can select a reputable contractor to complete this major project successfully.

Research the Contractor’s Reputation

How long a contractor has been operational, in hand with proof of past projects both contribute to a contractor’s reputation. A contractor’s website should have a gallery of past projects. Check out ours to give you an idea of what it looks like. If they don’t show their work, this is an indication they either lack experience or don’t have work completed in the specific area of restoration you require. WellDone Inc. proudly displays past projects with detailed images and an explanation of the work completed. As well, we are celebrating our 10th-anniversary providing exterior restoration work to our multi-unit residential and commercial clients.

Surety and Bidding Bonds

According to the Ontario Construction Act, there is a surety bond requirement in the licensing process. The surety bond protects clients with a guarantee the job will be completed, and all industry regulations are enforced. As well, during the bidding process, contractors require a bid bond which ensures they have the resources to complete your project based on the details provided.

Proper Insurance Coverage

For large-scale projects such as apartment building exterior restoration, your contractor should be able to provide at least $10 million in general liability coverage. At WellDone Inc. we take every precaution to keep our job sites safe. However, there are still unforeseeable risks at construction sites. Liability insurance covers Incidents such as injury to tenants or damage to your property.

Commitment to Safety

A commitment to the contractor’s own team’s safety is a commitment to the safety of your tenants and staff. This is an important consideration when restoring an occupied building. WellDone Inc, is in the process of obtaining the Certificate of Recognition (COR), the highest standard for an occupational health and safety accreditation program. This demonstrates our commitment to safety procedures which we ensure meet the national standards.
Experience Within the Industry

This type of experience is very different than general contracting experience. Your contractor should have a proven track record working with engineer consultants who recognize and respect the contractor’s capabilities. Recognition from peers speaks volumes about the expertise provided by a contractor.

References for Past Projects

Always ask for references for clients with similar completed projects. Take time to call and find out more about the project, and how the work was performed. Any contractor can persuade you to believe they are able to complete the job, but it is their clients who really have valuable insight into their true capabilities.

At WellDone Inc. we have been providing apartment exterior restoration services to our clients for 10 years. We invite you to reach out to our team to discuss the scope of your project and the restoration solutions we offer.