Cost-Effective Building Restoration: Balancing Quality and Budget  

When trying to reduce costs for your building restoration, you can’t sacrifice best practices and quality materials for the sake of your budget. Here we explain how you can ensure you balance quality and budget for cost-effective, first-rate building restoration.

Start with a Thorough Assessment

A complete assessment of your building envelope is a very involved process performed by a restoration professional or a consulting engineer. Assessments establish your building envelope’s condition and determine the best approach for your restoration.  

Consider All Options

When looking at your project, consider all options and how they impact the following:

  • Envelope Performance: Your restoration must improve efficiencies to help you realize savings in your building operations, including:
    • Thermal performance
    • Moisture protection
    • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
    • Durability
  • Aesthetic balance: Considering how your public-facing walls impact the building’s appearance and the occupant’s view is essential.
  • Value: An improved exterior appearance can attract more tenants and demand higher rent but must also provide durability to see a longer life.
  • Materials: Understand what materials offer the most value in appearance and performance, but that can also reduce costs.
  • Installation: Consider how the installation of certain materials increases or reduces labour costs.
  • Energy savings: Look for opportunities to improve energy savings to offset restoration costs in the longer term.  

Develop a Detailed Plan

A detailed plan ensures your restoration runs as smoothly as possible. Delays, accidents, missed delivery of materials, etc., all impact the costs of your project.

Your plan includes every detail of what your restoration must achieve. For example, your choices must ensure the existing frame and structure support your restorative materials. You also want to ensure that your restoration reduces air and water infiltration and that the proper application of materials can withstand building movement.

Other details include:

  • Fire prevention
  • Security and site safety
  • Maintenance
  • Tendering process
  • Clearance for restoration teams and equipment
  • Budget
  • Operational efficiencies

Choose the Right Materials

The right materials improve curb appeal while offering innovative installation techniques and energy efficiency. Choosing the right materials helps improve operational efficiencies, safety, and cost savings. For example, if you consider glazing, new glazing meets energy conservation codes, provides energy efficiency, and improves envelope performance. The best materials should cover all your bases, including life cycle, easier installation, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and overall performance.

Minimize Waste and Maximize Efficiency

According to Architect Magazine, various cost savings can be realized when you minimize waste and maximize efficiency. For example, a study performed by Cornell University tracked a builder’s annual waste management practices to see how they impacted cost. It looked at interior materials in this case, but the results were still relevant. Using effective source separation recycling and a small-scale dump trailer on-site, they reduced their waste-related costs by 46%.

Another study found that recycling metals from work sites presented both a cost-saving and profitability opportunity. Arranging on-site grinding reduced waste amounts hauled to the landfill from 85,000 pounds to 13,000. Exploring waste management options can help offset costs better spent elsewhere or to pass savings onto the building owner.

Don’t Skimp On Safety

Proactively reducing site safety risks avoids indirect costs associated with site injuries. At WellDone Inc, we use a safety first approach to reduce common hazards that lead to costly mistakes and accidents. We keep job sites safe and reduce costs by identifying, assessing, and controlling risks.

If you would like more information about building restoration, speak to the experts at WellDone Inc., a building restoration company specializing in building improvements for commercial and multi-unit residential buildings throughout the GTA.