Health and Safety-First Culture in Construction

Ontario’s construction industry is by far one of the safest compared to the other provinces and countries. However, the nature and conditions of the work naturally elevate the risk for sustaining injuries and the exposure to hazards. This amongst other factors makes the subject of health and safety in the construction sector and, in particular, within our organization at WellDone Inc. critically important.

Owning the Responsibility

When it comes to accountability and responsibility, everyone working in the construction field has a joint responsibility in ensuring a safe working environment. This effects not only the employees and their families but also the general public that comes in contact with the project. But the greatest responsibility to protect the workforce and others, as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and the regulations like Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) and the Canadian Labour Code (CLC), is with the employer.

At WellDone Inc. we’ve made an organization-wide commitment to promoting a health-oriented and safe working environment of our employees a priority. We don’t treat it like a protocol. It’s ingrained into our company culture and regularly exercised across the different processes, projects, and activities.

About the WSIB Health and Safety Program

WSIB Ontario Health and Safety Excellence Program 2020

One milestone on our path to reducing the various risks, eliminating hazards, and preventing accidents in our company has been the development and the implementation of a comprehensive health and safety system through one of WSIB’s programs dedicated to this critical issue.

The Health and Safety Excellence program essentially helps organizations to put together the necessary systems, policies, and procedures in place aimed at effectively identifying and controlling hazards, defining safety responsibilities, and responding to issues and emergencies.

The multi-level WSIB program consists of over 35 different areas from the foundational topics like first aid to more advanced ones, such as change management and continuous improvement planning.

Your action plan depends entirely on your company’s needs and is determined by the areas of interest that need attention the most.

Enhancing our Health and Safety Foundation

While the health and safety focus has always been the foundation of our business at WellDone Inc., the WSIB program has allowed us to fine-tune our existing policies and procedures. We’ve implemented innovative strategies, acquired validation and feedback from industry experts, and have been continuously improving and enhancing our processes across the organization.

To date, WellDone Inc. has successfully completed several critical health and safety topics, some of which have been prioritized as a result of COVID-19. The pandemic has given us an opportunity to re-evaluate and redefine some of our current processes and implement industry best practices and the necessary adjustments to better prepare our organization in light of the new normal.

What we’ve done

The following Health and Safety-related topics have been completed by our workforce at WellDone Inc.

• Emergency Prevention and Preparedness
• Emergency Response
• First Aid
• Health and Safety Participation

Our efforts in promoting a hazard-free workplace for our people are fueled by our mission to build and continuously improve a health and safety-oriented culture. For more information about our organization, reach out to our team at WellDone Inc.


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