COR™ Certification: WellDone Inc. Reaches the Highest Standard for Construction Safety

WellDone Inc. has joined the ranks of few COR™ certified construction companies that consistently meet the highest standards for construction safety.

As of November 4th, we are COR™ certified, meeting the strict COR™ criteria based on standards set by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).

When you hire us, you can feel confident knowing we are 100% committed to safety compliance that stands up to the highest national standards.

Why is COR™ Certification Important?

COR™ certified construction companies are committed to worker safety, creating a safety-conscious culture. This speaks to our company’s integrity and demonstrates that we put the safety of our workers and worksites first. However, certification also tells you that our procedures are designed to improve productivity and efficiencies through operations excellence. Our customers can see the cost savings of those efficiencies reflected in our highly competitive bids.

How COR™ Certification Benefits Our Clients

Our COR™ certification offers many benefits to our clients, including:

  • We efficiently identify, assess, and control risks to our workers, keeping your job site safe.
  • Our construction approach improves productivity, translating into cost savings through efficiency.
  • Our commitment to protecting our employees from illness also helps protect you.
  • A safe culture is a commitment to the community.
  • Our Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) demonstrates our commitment to superior safety and business practices.

Our clients can feel confident that our team follows the highest standard of safety protocols, controlling risks and keeping their job site fully operational.

A Word from the IHSA

The Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA) extended its congratulations on the accreditation of our health and safety program. They acknowledged WellDone has met the requirements for the Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Ontario. “This has been a long road: it took us three years vs. two years because we did it for the right reasons,” says WellDone President Alex Ivanov. “Of course, the pandemic played its part and has delayed things, but it took us longer than anticipated because I wanted to change the entire approach within my company. I wanted a safety-first culture where clients and trades are safe – that’s the key to success, in my opinion.”

A New Mindset at WellDone Inc.

COR™ certification has created a new mindset, and a more disciplined team focused on safety and effective operations. The team is thinking differently with every move creating a paper trail for a more productive work environment. Mr. Ivanov has always run his business with the philosophy that everyone should sleep well at night, knowing every precaution is in place and all work is completed to the highest standards.

“Safety is woven into our culture. It is a way of life, part of our day-to-day behaviour,” he explains. “It touches us all in a very profound way. Regardless of their role, every team member shares the same safety-first mindset. This certification is not so much a badge of honour for us, it’s the way we choose to work and live by.”

COR™ certification is just the beginning. WellDone Inc. is committed to fostering and implementing corrective procedures that continuously improve our safety efforts. As a result, each project is completed efficiently, safely, on time, and within budget.