Why COR Certification Is The Highest Standard For Construction Safety

Every construction company is accountable for the safety of its project sites and employees. The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that demonstrates a construction company’s commitment to safety. At WellDone Inc. we believe COR certification is the highest standard for construction safety which explains our continuous investment into this program.

To share our learnings, here are some takeaways and everything you need to know about the COR certification program, the process of applying, and what it means for construction projects.

Health and Safety First Culture

The audit criteria used by COR™ include a review of the company’s Health and Safety Management System (HSMS). When a construction contractor achieves COR certification, they become part of a nationwide network of elite organizations. These companies consistently prove their commitment to a culture focused on health and safety. COR™ audit programs work on a voluntary basis. Therefore, participants are self-motivated to create effective Occupational Health and Safety practices.

Applying for COR™

Certification requires companies to develop and implement their own HSMS. The system provides a framework establishing controls that help minimize worker injury and illness. The company must identify and assess risk before determining how best to minimize incidents. They then apply to become part of the COR certification program.

Both Health and Safety

Once registered with the COR™ program, the HSMS must remain active. As a result, companies continue to take steps to develop and maintain both health and safety practices. However That means, COR certification participants are also committed to assessing and reducing health risks – not just the overall safety. It involves analyzing hazards, improving emergency preparedness, implementing accident preventative strategies, and continuously improving workplace performance. In the case of the pandemic, COR™ participation can go a long way in making clients feel safer during the construction process.

Highest Health and Safety Standards

The COR™ criteria are based on standards set by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA). When you hire a COR™ certified construction company, you are working with a team that has proven its commitment to remain compliant with the highest national standards. They put their workers first by creating a safety-conscious culture which speaks to their integrity.

However, it goes beyond that. From a business standpoint, there are numerous financial benefits of maintaining COR certification. For one, it allows construction companies to not only attract and recruit stronger candidates but also retain highly skilled workforce. Creating and maintaining ongoing health and safety management is an organization-wide lifelong commitment. It contributes to improved productivity, operational excellence and developing a positive corporate image – not only for the company itself, but for the suppliers and customers.

Benefits of COR certification

By achieving COR™ employers have successfully passed audits of their HMSM. This offers many benefits to you including:

  • The contractor is effective at identifying, assessing, and controlling risks to workers which keeps your job site safe.
  • COR™ participants are committed to protecting their employee’s health which in turn protects you from illnesses.
  • Commitment to a safe culture reflects the contractor’s commitment to their community as well.
  • Their HMSM demonstrates the company’s commitment to superior safety and business practices.

Overall, COR™ offers a directive that helps construction companies keep their health and safety processes in check. As well, project managers have a resource – COR™ certified member list by province – to help them find contractors committed to following the highest standard of safety protocols.

At WellDone Inc. we are actively pursuing COR certification. This step furthers our commitment to promoting a health-oriented and safe working environment for our employees. With an HSMS in place, we continue to foster transparent reporting, while continuously implementing corrective procedures. We have adopted the necessary strategies allowing us to efficiently complete projects safely, on time, and on budget.


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