Building Restoration Process: What To Expect When You Partner With Welldone Inc.

Want an “inside scoop” on our project building restoration management processes? We believe our clients experience a smoother restoration project when they have this clarity. Here we explain what you can expect when you partner with WellDone Inc. for building restoration.

The Tendering Process

Most of the projects we manage are awarded via the tender process. As a result, we work with your engineers responsible for communication between you and your contractor. When the project is awarded, we submit all the required submittals, based on your engineer’s specs and the CCDC contract. This also includes:

  • Insurances
  • Bonds
  • List of materials
  • Data sheet for materials
  • Safety documents
  • Project schedule

We then hold a pre-start meeting usually scheduled on-site to discuss all the project plans, approach, and potential concerns. This provides the opportunity to ask questions, such as:

  • How many people will be working onsite?
  • What time will work begin and end?
  • Will the elevator be required?
  • What notices do residents require?
  • How is the schedule set up?
  • Where will fencing, storage, and toilets be installed?
  • What about fencing and overhead protection when applicable?

If engineers are not involved, and you come to us directly, we propose the scope of work and materials that we will be using. We are your main point of contact, and we typically work with the property manager of the building. For condominium work, sometimes the board of directors gets involved, usually at the beginning, throughout critical points of the project and then when the project is complete.

Critical Factors When Creating a Restoration Plan

Safety is the priority for every building project throughout the entire process along with structural support or other structural concerns. Since we are working outside, the weather is also a crucial factor. Most restoration work cannot be completed during the winter months, as many materials we use must be applied in temperatures above 5 Celsius. Access is also particularly important as we are usually working on high-rise buildings. As a result, access via swing stages or other equipment must be planned in advance.

Why Choose WellDone Inc. for Your Restoration Projects

We put our clients and safety first for every restoration project from day one. Our commitment to quality work, safety, and restoration best practices, in hand with finding cost and energy-efficient solutions ensures our clients are happy. Our reputation is extremely important to us. As a result, we are incredibly careful with our approach to every project. We balance quality with budget and ensure we complete the project on time using streamlined, safe, and efficient processes. Experienced project managers and a collaborative effort that often includes engineers, architects, building managers, and our own safety coordinator create a team environment that benefits our clients through expertise across all restoration functions.

At WellDone Inc., we continuously look for ways to improve the construction process, incorporating various innovations to improve efficiencies, reduce risk, and maintain cost efficiency. Reach out to our team today.