Top Innovations in Construction – and it’s Not What You Think

We often think of innovation as it applies to technology. However, innovation is not only about wearable tech, automation, and cordless tools. It’s about finding new and better ways of doing things. In the construction industry innovations bring value to customers by introducing efficiencies. Innovations can apply to material advances, improved processes, higher quality control, and ongoing safety initiatives. Here we look at the top innovations in construction and how they work in your favor.

Innovations in Materials

Innovations that reduce environmental impact and add energy efficiencies in the building process save you money once construction is complete. Material innovations make a huge impact on energy efficiency, which reduces cost for building operations and maintenance. Some ground-breaking materials changing construction include:

Understanding the latest materials available allows you to make cost-effective decisions on your project design. You become forward-thinking, finding ways to save costs into the future.

Innovative Improved Processes

When you work with a construction company like WellDone Inc., you experience faster production at higher quality. We use our experience in construction to constantly seek new opportunities to not just maintain, but instead improve our performance. Construction innovations don’t cut corners, but instead find better ways to improve accurate job assessments. We achieve quicker mobilization and approach restorations and building projects in a manner that ensures quality and efficiency.

Innovative processes provide the best possible finished projects within reasonable timelines. Industry companies that use innovative project management methods manage change orders better. An effective change order management process can avoid average project value increases of 11 to 15% and average overall project time increases of 10 to 20%.

Higher Quality Control

Quality control innovations must be integrated through every stage of the project. With regular reporting, ongoing planning and specification reviews the process remains proactive. As a result, it incorporates corrective procedures, guaranteeing up-to-code work. Companies using innovation to improve their own quality control measures, ensure customer satisfaction, safety, efficiencies, and cost savings in the long run.

Safety Initiatives

Safety on the job site remains the top priority and must incorporate new ideas to reduce risk. For example, a mandatory health and safety program focused on accident prevention and safe working practices helps keep job sites safe. This in turn reduces costs across the board from keeping on schedule to avoiding increasing insurance costs.

At WellDone Inc. we are redefining the construction process incorporating innovations to improve efficiencies, reduce risk and maintain cost efficiency.