How to Modernize the Exterior of an Old Apartment Building?

Your apartment building’s exterior sends an immediate message to prospective tenants. Modernize the exterior of an old apartment building, because a building that looks modern and well maintained tends to have a list of tenants anxious to find a unit, while older buildings can be hard-pressed to attract and retain tenants. In fact, it can also be hard to justify rent levels if your building looks outdated and ill-maintained.

This is why you need to keep your apartment building in exceptional condition if you want to enjoy a higher ROI. Here we offer modern exterior improvements that justify the investment by improving energy efficiency and tenant appeal.

Window and Balcony Door Replacement to Modernize the Exterior

According to a Building Failure Study by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, windows and doors are the second most frequent and costly source of deficiencies in Canada. In fact, almost 60% of building energy consumption goes towards heating. Since both play an important role in heating efficiency, new building envelope solutions should include window and balcony door replacement. According to an Ottawa Community Housing Case Study, new windows and balcony doors increased energy efficiency for property cost savings. They also helped reduce interior deterioration due to leak resistance.

Balcony Railings Replacement

Another smart way to modernize the exterior of your building is to replace balcony railings. Aluminum railings with glass restore a balcony’s structural integrity and give the building a modern, up-to-date look. Balcony railing replacement is also crucial when loose railing anchors weaken the structure so they no longer meet Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements.

Main Entrance Vestibule Replacement

As with windows and balcony doors, the bottom of the building has its own challenges when it comes to energy efficiency. The main vestibule area is especially important, as it is open and closed frequently through the front street access doors. You can help reduce air leakage that can interfere with building comfort, with new doors and windows in the main entrance. You not only improve energy efficiency but also offer a more secure entrance with a new modern look.

Modern Lobby Make Over

Of course while you are modernizing the new exterior of the vestibule, consider including an interior lobby renovation to improve first impressions and modernize the look and feel of your building. Effective modern lobby updates might include:

  • Using higher quality materials for walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Introducing a modern colour palette
  • Creating improved traffic patterns
  • Installing or updating the reception desk for security
  • Improved security locking systems at the entry
  • Task lighting in hand with dramatic lighting fixtures such as a chandelier
  • Inviting seating
  • Artwork

All of these things create a modernized look that brings your building into the 2020’s.

EIFS Exterior Wall Make Over

EIFS or an Exterior Insulation and Finish System is a cladding that improves not just the appearance of the building but also its insulation and water resistance. It offers many advantages including:

  • Energy-efficiency
  • Low maintenance materials resistant to discoloration, fading, mold and mildew that lasts often for decades
  • Crack-resistance to reduce risk for leaks (both air and water)
  • Improved thermal and moisture control
  • Customizable designs in endless colours and textures

Your exterior cladding makeover is the finishing touch that brings your aging apartment building into the modern era.

At WellDone Inc. we offer building restoration designed to modernize your apartment building and improve efficiencies. Speak to our team today.

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