Onsite Engineer: Here’s Why you Need one on your Construction Site

Onsite engineer consultants allow construction companies to remain proactive and efficient. Their role is not just to conduct inspection work, but instead to provide continuous evaluation to improve work progress. From pre-production assessments straight through to real-time problem solving, engineers use their connections, experience, and industry expertise to improve outcomes. Here are seven impactful ways onsite engineers improve construction efficiencies.

Pre-production Assessments

Onsite engineer offers valuable insight before a construction job is even underway. Engineers evaluate needs prior to construction and make recommendations to avoid challenges that can hold up the project.

Real-time Problem Solving

Onsite engineers provide real-time solutions when issues arise. Instead of having to call in a team to consult on the work, they are familiar with the job and can evaluate risks and offer advice on the spot while relying on the contractor’s expertise. They can conduct structural inspections for identified risks, reducing costs associated with delays, as well as avoiding increased cost for rush inspection jobs.

Protecting Client’s Best Interests

Engineers are the perfect liaison between clients and construction companies. When present during construction, they constantly evaluate the situation to protect client needs. They understand the construction process and can relate client wishes to the project managers in terms managers will understand. On the flip side, engineers can also explain issues to their clients in laymen’s terms as they arise. Clients also receive immediate recommendations to overcome issues from a third party expert they can trust. This is especially important when unexpected challenges impact the budget.

Engineers Have a Network of Contractors

Onsite engineer can contribute recommendations on trusted contractors they have worked with in the past. They form long-lasting relationships that allow them to match suitable contractors to each project with a keen understanding of the strengths they bring to the table.

Comprehensive Tendering and Quotes

Engineer consultants outline the specifications for the project that can be used to prepare the tender. Contractors will bid based on the exact same scope of work, so it makes it easier to put in a fair and realistic bid. It also makes it easier to compare the bids on the exact same terms for the client instead of seeing different terms used from contractor to contractor.

Seamless Design and Engineering

Engineering consultants assist at every step of the project from concept to planning, and from design to construction. They are experts at commissioning and operations, and allow clients to have a seamless experience with confidence their design needs are met with structurally sound construction.

Green Building Guidance

Many engineers can offer guidance on the latest green methods, allowing owners to realize their eco goals while also saving on energy costs when the building is completed. LEED proven providers understand how to approach energy efficiency challenges and find acceptable, sustainable improvements that stand up to changing environmental standards. This includes more sustainable, energy efficient building enclosures that are both aesthetically pleasing and resistant to deterioration.

At WellDone Inc. we collaborate with the best engineer consulting partners who have a proven track record for effective outcomes and reduced risks on all our projects. Through these relationships we are redefining the construction process to reduce risk and improve efficiencies across the board. Speak to our team today.