Streamline Your Building Restoration: The Benefits of Working with a Building Envelope Specialist

Exterior building restoration focuses on improvements to the building envelope. A building envelope specialist offers expertise in all aspects of exterior building restoration and helps streamline the process. Here’s how.

Your Single Point of Contact

Building restoration involves multiple trades and contractors working together to complete the required budget, schedule, design, repairs, and replacements. A building envelope specialist spearheads the project, becoming your single point of contact to simplify communication and the entire restoration process.

Expertise in All Aspects of Building Restoration

Because there are several components to a building envelope, exterior restoration calls for a holistic approach. A specialist looks at the project as a whole, considering how interactions impact the overall performance and appearance of the envelope, including:

Each element protects your building against extreme temperatures, water and moisture, and pollutants while withstanding climate-related issues like high winds and violent storms.  However, they also impact the performance of your building’s sub‐systems, including:

  • HVAC
  • Ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical systems

Therefore, you want an expert who considers how exterior components interact with interior components and sub‐systems. Since the envelope determines comfort levels, provides natural light, impacts ventilation/air quality, and energy consumption, having a specialist ensures all interactions are addressed.

Time and Cost Savings

In construction, time is money. The materials you choose, the installation method used, and even safety considerations impact the time it takes to complete your project. Expertise from an envelope specialist ensures they find efficiency at every step. They assess the building and find cost-saving solutions in all aspects of the project. This includes how the materials used impact labour costs and ROI based on durability, life expectancy, and energy efficiency.

In addition, specialists ensure that time-saving installation methods are used without sacrificing the quality of work or site safety.

Also, with the right materials and structural considerations, your envelope will not trap water and moisture between the walls. This reduces the risk of deterioration. Over time, costs tend to increase due to issues such as moisture. Therefore, expertise in building envelope performance is necessary to enjoy cost savings through increased durability.

Envelopes account for approximately 30% of commercial and multi-unit residential building energy consumption. A specialist introduces high-performance solutions that reduce energy load while leveraging high-performing envelope technologies.

Consistent Quality and Workmanship

With multiple trades involved, it can be easy to lose control of quality. However, quality control is improved with a building restoration specialist leading the project. The right trade is assigned to each task to ensure the proper methods, testing, and inspection are used. As a result, you maintain the same quality of work throughout the entire structure.

Better Communication and Collaboration

With a single point of contact, communication, and collaboration are improved. There are defined lines of communication, so everyone knows who is doing what. Building envelope experts are also project managers. Their intimate understanding of the restoration process helps facilitate collaboration among each trade and stakeholder.

Long-term Support and Maintenance

A building envelope specialist offers ongoing support and maintenance that ensures you detect problems early. Through this long-term partnership, you can extend the life of building elements, leverage warranties still in effect, and improve performance and cost savings over the long term.

Working with a building envelope specialist streamlines the building restoration process. As a result, you’ll enjoy improved productivity, faster completion, and superior envelope performance in the longer term. If you would like to speak to a building envelope specialist about your project, the team at WellDone Inc., a building restoration company specializing in building improvements for commercial and multi-unit residential buildings throughout the GTA, offers the expertise you need